Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vote for Me!

I am running for president, yes I am…I am throwing my hat into the ring. This blog post is my official announcement of my candidacy. I am jumping in with both feet, no exploratory committee…couldn’t afford one, besides I have done lots of ‘exploring’ on my own and feel there is a need for a new candidate, a candidate OF the people, BY the people (hopefully) who is (truly) ONE of the people!

  • According to Article 2, Section 1 clause 5 of the Constitution one must be a natural born citizen of the US, CHECK (I was born in North Dakota)

  • Be at least 35 years old…CHECK

  • Have been a permanent resident in the US for at least 14 years, CHECK

Ok, so I meet the "official" qualifications, what about the unofficial ones?  Well, you see that is one reason why I have decided to run because HOW are those that are currently in the race going to speak for the ‘people’ if they are not one of ‘the people’?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement this past summer highlighted the divide between the rich and poor, what is quickly becoming “Joe and Judy American”…but what about the fact that the divide between the elected officials and “Joe and Judy American”? That gap is nearly as wide.  OH, and the 'gap' is not just monetary!!!

I am not from a wealthy or prominent, well known family…well depends on who you ask some in our family will say that my Grandpa and my Dad are ‘infamous’ in their own ways. But seriously, I come from a Middle Class Family (a rare thing now a days) and I have never previously held an office…well I take that back, I was and officer in my Toastmasters group and also in my son’s Head start group. Both of those were, technically elected offices…but the control of my ‘reign’ was very very limited.

I don’t have a college education, but I am working on it. I don’t have an accent. I don’t have a scandal in my background…well not one that I initiated or was involved in, but that is another blog post I am sure. But what I do have is a PASSION and a FRUSTRATION that I am certain nearly every other “Joe and Judy American” has and so regardless of the things I don’t have and perhaps in spite of not meeting the ‘unofficial qualifications’ I am running for President!

More on my platform soon, but what do you think? Admit it your just a little curious and would consider voting for me...maybe?

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