Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Neglect, Controversy, and Trepidation...

I was afraid this might happen, but I wanted to do it anyways…I really am interested in this blog and want to do more with it, but I have sorely neglected it!  Not because I don’t want to, but because I have some serious apprehension about what to write about and what the purpose of this blog is to be.  So please bear with me as I figure it out...

I don’t consider myself a controversial person; I try not to make waves one way or the other.  I do have my convictions and although I do have basis and reasons why I believe one thing or the other, I am not very comfortable ‘debating’ why I believe one thing or the other.  A pastor once said “I know it in my knower” and there are times that I just know.  I will say I am interested in other viewpoints and want to hear their why’s or how’s and am open to a casual ‘discussion, but I still experience some trepidation.  

There have been so many topics I have wanted to share here, but on top of my apprehension about being controversial I am also concerned about how I my thoughts here might reflect on me personally and professionally.  It just so happens that I am currently in midst of seeking permanent employment, and with the current surplus of candidates I struggle to be as ‘ideal’ as possible.   Although I do believe that my lack of a degree past High School, regardless to my vast and varied experience, may be more of a factor in my employment search than this blog, with all the media about policing one’s ‘online presence’ it does add to my uncertainly about what exactly to share.

So where does ‘freedom of speech’ come into play.  Not that I have ever felt as if I have anything very profound to share and considering I am fairly ‘middle of the road’ I can’t imagine that my thoughts or ideas are so controversial that anything I do say here will move mountains, change lives or policies but I also don’t wish to lose or offend any friends or family, but apparently I have been doing that for years, knowingly and unknowingly.  
I want to continue to share, and not just my writings ‘musings’ but eventually my photography, one of the core reasons I started this blog, but I felt that I had to share this little disclaimer, “so-to-speak”.   

So, please know that if I offend, it is not my intention at all.  If I am ‘off-base’ on a comment, please know that I am open to learning and perhaps my trepidation and neglect will lessen. 

Here's to hopes of reversing the neglect, defeating trepidation, all while avoiding too much controversy.