Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Block

Yes, already?  Sad, isn’t it?  Kinda typical of my ADD...I have a great idea, great start, but struggle with the follow-through, sounds like some sort of sports team.

But I wonder, "How this is possible, it is only my 4th post?"  And the other thought running around in my head, “Shame on me, get started on something I have been talking about for at least the last year and...” Sad but true, I have...

-cue epic music intro-
 -cue epic music ending-

which really sounds like some horrible physical aliment
that might involve some deep personal thinking or reading…and prunes.

I guess it isn’t really BLOCK, but more...

-cue quasi-epic music intro- 
Blog Topic Confusion
-cue quasi-epic music ending-

As in “what do I write about next?”

DO I...
  • ‘rant’ about a particular news article I read recently, because I do like to share my opinions (and that article….ARGH!  Protesting at a military funeral, how rude!)?
  • share about my family, who completely amaze and humble me, (while I probably drive them into more therapy and self medication.)
  • there is my photography, which is my recent discovery, or rather, RE-discovery. (mental note, must get around to editing more pictures soon!)
I will most likely cycle through all of them (and much more).  I have already shared my thoughts 'ranted' about recent news and I did share some photography so now…

-insert sounds of spinning contest wheel here-
(you poor, poor people…or rather my poor, poor family)

What do you think??? Please feel free to comment…even if you don’t have a gmail or blogger account…you should be able to share an ‘any mouse’ comment (FYI ‘any mouse’ = anonymous)

1 comment:

  1. DO them all. Start with whats in your head when you open it. When your brain switches to the next subject post (with tags). Then you post the next one. It's not like you're limited on the amount of blogs per night. lol