Monday, March 22, 2010

I just don't understand...

John Edwards? Tiger Woods? And now Jesse James? And that is only the last few months! And it is just a very small example, these are the ones ‘we’ know about…what about the many other’s whose names are not in the society papers.

Why can’t some men just keep their zippers up? Does a man really think about sex so much that the impulse can’t wait? Good grief, did they really think they wouldn’t get caught? Does one ever STOP and think…if I do this…what will happen? There is always the word, “NO!” Or how about not even putting yourself in that situation to begin with, what do I mean by this? No one-on-one situations with a woman that is NOT your wife/girl friend/significant other.

So in this case the men are not the only ones ‘guilty’, please like the women that fooled around with these men didn’t know they were already married. REALLY, had they been HIDING under a rock for the last 10-15 years?

And now each of them is trying to stretch their 15 minutes of fame out as long as they can. Seriously, one of Tiger’s many women wanted an apology from him, really lady? REALLY? YOU should be apologizing to the wife and two kids! And after cavorting with her daughter’s stuffed animals wearing just a men’s pressed shirt, in the pages of GQ, who is going to take Reille Hunter seriously now…at one time she was a documentary filmmaker.

I am offended that I share the same name with the gal that Jesse James messed around with, and SHAME ON HIM. My heart breaks for Sandra, especially after all the amazing things she has said recently about him…I think Jesse needs to change his name to “HEEL” or perhaps “IDIOT!”, yes I am thinking about worse names he should be called, but I am a Mom!

I seriously just don’t understand, and yet I have a few thoughts about perhaps why men choose this route, but I must save those for future rants. But right now, I pray for those women and children who were apparently not important enough to these men to have given them the strength to just turn and walk away! The women who are now wondering why themselves and are perhaps hurting very deeply, but who will tuck in their wonderful children tonight (Yes even Miss Sandra, as a step mother). Who will crawl into a HUGE bed and perhaps pile up the pillows so it isn’t SO big. Who someday, soon I pray, will realize that perhaps women are in fact the stronger of the sexes.

I know this is a ‘heavy’ topic for one of my first posts, but it is something that has just been nagging me and bouncing around in my head. I know that both men and women can be participants in infidelity, but it just seems lately there is an epidemic of men not being faithful and women who consciously mess around with men they know are married.

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